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When Time Stands Still

January 1, 2013

Last night I spent New Year’s Eve in a nightclub – my first NYE out in seven years. I usually meditate and silently say goodbye to the old but this year, I knew would be different and so I wanted to let last year go with a bang to get me psyched up to kick some ass in 2013!

Let’s do it.

Just before the bongs of Big Ben something remarkable happened, in the midst of the heaving crowd of New Year revellers and optimists – Time. Stood. Still. The music stopped (in my mind), the lights dimmed and my heart ceased beating for what seemed like forever. It was as if I could see who I was – completely free from other people’s perception of me. Have you ever tried that? Just STOP, sit securely in who you are and feel it.

It’s weird. Why?

We operate as human beings from a core – that stillness within, a bit like the depths of the ocean – no matter how fierce the storm – there is always a stillness in the depths of the waters. the ‘storm’ for us is caused by our being pulled in different directions by who other people think we are. This is rarely who we really are. So there I was, drink in hand, one of my closest friends stood right in front of me anxiously and aggressively screaming ‘Sod Off!’ to 2012 – and I ceased to be as he knew me.

It was fantastic.

Do it. Cease to be.

Now start over. Live this year for yourself, live YOUR dreams, not someone else’s. 2013 IS the time to be self-centred. This is not the same as being selfish. For when you know who you are, this automatically liberates others to know themselves too. What a gift!

Do it.

By the time Big Ben triumphantly catapulted 2013 forth to smack me right in the face I was back – but I was different. Stronger, more solid and wiser.

I have never felt so excited about a year ahead, never so confident, optimistic and vibrant.

I am an entrepreneur who are you?

Until Next Time,

Matt Chase.


  1. Hey guys! Thank you for your support – Now let’s get out there and kick some 2013 ass!

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