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Let’s Talk About Guilt

January 2, 2013

Guilt is a wasted emotion. I am a great advocate for feeling each and every emotion that we experience as human beings – but not guilt. Why?

Because it doesn’t get us anywhere.

Feel the fear then let it go – sure, throw yourself into anger to release it (safely) – definitely but immerse yourself in guilt – what the hell for? Drop it. It doesn’t matter whether you have done something wrong or not (very often we feel guilty because of conditioning – more about that in another blog) it absolutely does not serve you to feel guilty.

Now making amends – that is different.

Letting guilt go can be as simple as making a genuine apology by accepting your humanness,  such as saying: ‘Okay so I messed up because I’m human, please give me a break and I’m real sorry’  or if the situation is less descript than that – just hand it over. Sometimes when I lay in bed at night I notice a knot in my gut – it’s guilt – I often (but not always) have no idea where it came from or who (if anyone) I need to apologise to so I just say in my head: ‘Here, this guilt, justified or not, is of no use to me or anyone else – so please take it’ then I imagine it literally lifting from my gut and up, up into the ether.


Try it. Now.

Remember though, just to play Devil’s Advocate a little, that this is not a method to cleanse you of your guilt so that you can go out every day and treat people how you like. No. This is just one of the many coping strategies I use to enable me to live on this planet called earth with these people called humans. That and the occasional shouting fit to let the angst go.

Being human can be tough, it can also be FANTASTIC and I find that the more negativity I release the more FANTASTIC my life becomes.


Guilt? What’s that?

Until Next Time,

Matt Chase


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