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STOP and smell the flowers.

January 3, 2013

It’s a new year so it’s understandable that we are all going to be FULL of eagerness to chomp at the bit of life – a new life. Great but let’s just take a breather because the holidays always brings about a feeling of lethargy and emotional stress, regardless of your family (or no family) situation. This time of year stirs the subconscious in ways we don’t really understand, give that unknowing some space to breathe.

In that space you can exhale.

Following this comes the inhalation so be mindful of what you have already achieved, what you have gained and WOW just look how far you have already come! That is AMAZING! Congrats!!

When I was studying, many many years ago, for a Certificate in Social Care, one of my most respected teachers said to me: ‘You are always jumping ahead, looking for the next opportunity, criticising yourself for what you could have done better instead of stopping to smell the flowers’. My first thought was ‘What flowers?’ All I could see was how ‘not good enough’ and ‘not fast enough’ I was. It took some years for me to realise that I was far wiser, more skilled and more sensitive that most of my peers.

When you don’t see yourself clearly, you cannot easily make the next step and to see yourself clearly – you need to STOP.

Be still. Just for a moment.

That reminds me of a comment my flatmate made last week: ‘For someone who spends so much time alone, you are remarkably balanced’. Unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough because all I heard at the time was ‘Get out more’ but what I should have said is: ‘It’s because I spend so much time alone that I am remarkably balanced’. I think I mentioned in a previous blog that sometimes we forget who we are because of others’ perception of who they think we are, we then run the danger of striving for their dreams and not our own.

So downtime is VERY, very important.

Watch that you don’t begin to wallow (although I am a great fan of rationed wallowing – it’s good for the soul!) and do, yes DO allow that negativity in – but only so that you can transform it. You can only transform the known and to know yourself is to embrace all aspects of your personality.


Great! Do it – STOP, smell the flowers, FEEL that rush of the present moment and then – and only then – can you make that leap of faith from a grounded place….

…into the future.

Until Next Time,

Matt Chase


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