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Reprogramming The Crap

January 5, 2013

Let’s tell it how it is – sometimes we know where we are going, we can see our dreams crystal clear through the wind-shield and yet the more pressure we put on the gas – the further away our dreams seem to be. It’s as if they elude us, trick us into thinking that they were mirages all along and so we give up. NOOOOOO! Wait a second, literally. I have mentioned the importance of STOPPING to you already – so you already know about that (See Stop and Smell the Flowers) – so let’s look at another way to reprogram this negative little sucker. To show you this I’m going to tell you a story…

Once upon a childhood I was sitting beside a flickering coal fire in the Local Authority home I shared with my Mum (a ‘Council House’ as it’s called in England) listening to my Mum chatter away on the telephone: “I’ve told him when he hits eighteen to put his name down for a Council House, he’ll never be able to afford rent otherwise”. She spoke with authority, experience and wisdom. After all, she’s my Mum. Some years later, as I turned sixteen, I started a course in Social Care where I also studied Psychology, Inter-Personal Communication and Sociology. My Mum would often say: “You’ll never get a proper job doing those subjects”. Some more years later, after a career in Nursing, I made my belated entry into University where I studied Counselling, Psychotherapy, Bodywork, Healing, Massage and did a whole host of Holistic courses and workshops – all costing me a heap of money, time, commitment and quite frankly – turmoil. What did my Mum have to say?

“Why didn’t you stay in Nursing? Those courses will never make you any money”.

See the pattern?

Fortunately for me and much to my poor suffering Mum’s disgrace: –

I. Am. A – REBEL.

I STRUGGLED so, so hard to NOT put my name down for a Council House and paid rent to a private landlord instead. I worked three jobs to pay my way through college, University and Private Education, I employed the services of Therapists, Trainers, Coaches and Spiritual Teachers. I started to meditate. ANYTHING that would BREAK the crap programming I had inherited from my now sweet departed Mum (Love You Mum!). You see – we all have it, yep – ‘fraid so – each and every one of us have this little voice (AKA a neural pathway) that is oh so hacked off that we are going THAT way instead of HIS (or her) way.

Screw them.

Yep – I said SCREW THEM!

Haha okay so maybe I am not (quite) as angry as I sound but you know the point I am making here? We have all experienced YEARS of CONSTANT negative programming – so if you want to flick that switch quick and make a new life for yourself – you’re gonna have to holler pretty damn loud in order to shut down the crap. It can be hard, I think I would be doing you a disservice if I told you otherwise BUT it is never as hard as you THOUGHT.

See what I did there?

See what you did there?

You see! It’s already a thing of the PAST.

The future is NOW. Live it.

Do it.

Until Next Time,

Matt Chase 🙂


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