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Changing Your Reality

January 9, 2013

Are you happy? Do you like the way your life is unfolding? Or do you soooo wish that this year would bring you EVERYTHING you’ve been asking for ALL these years?!

To change your reality you need to live the reality you are trying to manifest. I know – confusing isn’t it? I’m pretty sure you have heard of the Law of Attraction, right? Well it’s pretty much all there – you believe that it has ALREADY HAPPENED and whatever it is you need (and want) will become your reality.


Yep – I do so love to throw them spanners in them works! (deliberate bad grammar)

What if the reality you want to create does not serve you? What if it will harm someone? And what if – You are just not ready?

Well I have a theory on that – it just won’t happen.

Great theory huh? Straight to the point. Here’s how it works for me – if it resonates run with it, if it doesn’t chuck it in the recycling: WHATEVER my reality happens to be – I accept it. I do NOT try to forcibly change it. Why? Because if I do that it takes too much energy and I am probably using my ego to do it – not my intuition and that will never do. Let me give you an example:

Last year I experienced a period of depression, two weeks of waking up at 4am just wanting to die. I could not see the positive in anything. I kept up with my meditation, affirmations and other spiritual practices but wasn’t really feeling it. For those two weeks nothing worked – job applications got lost in the post, money went from my bank account by mistake, I missed buses, was spoken to disrespectfully by clients… and it went on and on UNTIL I thought:

‘Hang on, here’s me teaching people to just BE, to allow their truth to emerge in order for it to transform all by itself – and what am I doing?’

Not taking my own advice, actually! Bless me πŸ™‚

So I SURRENDERED. I sat and just felt the fear, the shame, the guilt, the anger, depression and also – and this is the important bit – ALLOWED the negative thoughts in: ‘I will never make enough money. I am useless. No-one likes me. I am ugly’ Oh yeah – they were all in there and had been following me around, lurking beneath the ‘positive’ surface for a long, long time.

It was very painful and more than that – frightening. That dear people, is why we avoid it.

I took it a step further (I just can’t help myself) – I wrote therm all down. Now some Positive Thinking Gurus may well be having a fit reading this but for me – it works.

It might just work for you too.

Here’s a step by step guide to changing your reality:

  • Sit in your feelings
  • Allow them
  • Feel them
  • Talk to them (This releases them)
  • Write them down (This releases them)
  • List them
  • BURN THEM (safely and yes, I do mean literally burn them)
  • Sit in them again –
  • Where did they go?

Now you can do one of two things – carry on as you were before (I bet you any money you won’t be able to) or NOW start the process of changing your reality by REALLY living it.

I do affirmations, I ‘re-frame’ negative thoughts (for example, when I think: ‘God I’m so stupid’ I yell out: ‘CANCEL CANCEL STOP STOP. I AM A HIGHLY EVOLVED INTELLIGENT MAN’), I write lists of the things I need, I give thanks each day for what I already have etc etc etc.


I’m really not sure we need to do all this. The reason I think this is:

As soon as I had allowed myself the ‘negative’ feelings, just after I had sobbed my heart out for two hours and immediately following the burning of the list – The phone rang with fresh opportunities, a friend offered to be my ‘business buddy’ free of charge, another friend gave me some paid work to copy-write for her, someone called to interview me and – amazingly to me at the time – MY CREATIVITY RETURNED. As you may or may not know, when we are attuned to our creativity –


The optimism then flows very naturally through us and becomes us – it isn’t forced. It. Takes. Less – ENERGY.

So save your energy my friend – keep it real and allow your own life force/creativity to create and change your reality at a rate and speed that is appropriate for YOU.

It really doesn’t have to be so tough.

Much LOVE to YOU πŸ™‚

Matt Chase.

Footnotes: Life is a process, you can use this practice daily if you choose, weekly, or whenever you feel the need. After a certain time – you may find that you can use it as a preventative. Whatever works for YOU.

  1. erinparker75 permalink

    yes yes yes! haha i’m blowing up your page today. anywho…yes! one of the things that has been HUGE for me is acceptance. accept the bad thoughts, accept the flaws, accept everything. when you stop resisting things is when they lose their energetic charge, then you can start working through them. anytime anything icky comes up now, i work on accepting it and loving it, just as much as i love the good parts about me. its amazing how acceptance transforms everything.
    you nailed it. excellent post! applause!!!

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