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Lifting The Lid On Depression

January 20, 2013

Depression. Just the word makes my heart sink and my stomach tie itself in knots – what about you? But what is it? Well apart from the obvious decreased serotonin (the ‘happy chemical’ responsible for balanced mood and a sense of well being) it actually has a relatively simple cause:

  • Repressed Emotion

This emotion is usually (but not always) anger – when we internalise anger and fail to express/expel/channel it – it changes form to prevent us from imploding – the body dampens the force down which then results in a sense of numbness AKA ‘Depression’. Now Depression doesn’t necessarily feel numb, this we know, but that is the body’s next best thing. It’s doing it’s best in replacement for us not doing our job properly – keeping the body active, healthy and balanced.

Now just before you go off like a rocket: ‘It’s not MY fault I’m depressed!!’ – Please do bear with me, I’m playing with words a little here and also having a quiet little chat with your subconscious.

So whatever resulted in our anger – a loss, being hurt, injustice, violence, oppression, exploitation, sexual frustration, the unknown – the result is always the same if we fail to let it go – we feel like crap. That crap festers, it feels nondescript to begin with, then yucky, then physical, then tight in the solar plexus, often nauseas, until a nice bitter taste erupts in our mouth – this is caused by bile and increased acidity in the gall bladder, liver and body generally. This is caused by anger trapped in these organs and in the body. Isn’t it interesting, that St John’s Wort, a herb prescribed for mild to moderate depression also acts as a liver cleanser?

Are you seeing the link?

Can you do something about it then?

Of course you can’t, you’re depressed!

People who say things like: ‘Pull yourself together’ ‘We didn’t need to go to therapists in my day’ ‘Well do something about it then’ etc etc – Have never been depressed. You would LOVE to do something about it, you would be over the moon if you could just find the key to your spaceship. But – You. Are. Depressed – Some non-entity came along, with that huge black cloak, made up of all your worst nightmares – and drowned you in it. Nice.

If only someone, anyone, could come along and lift this veil for you. If only a Knight in shining serotonin would come along and take this blackness from you.

Take a breath.

A deep cleansing breath.

I take the veil from you – right now. I open my arms to catch you. I draw away any last remaining darkness. Now breathe again. Take in all that LIGHT, all that WHITENESS.

You are not finished yet but for now – just feel this change in you. Allow it into you.

Next Time we will look at another dynamic way to throw yourself a lightline (see what you did there?

For now just be in the NOW. You deserve it.

See You Soon,

Matt Chase 🙂



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