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Lifting The Lid On Depression – Part Deux

January 30, 2013

So how has it been? Since you read Part 1 and gave me the dark veil? Your darkness? The depression?

Want to know how I’ve been?

Dark. Light. A bit mixed really. I have spent some nights sleeping really well, others haunted by demons. I have woken at 3am in a panic some mornings, with the calmness of the dawn on others. Some days I stayed in bed until lunch.

Is this unusual for me?

No: it’s normal.

Completely normal.

I had a very interesting chat with a friend yesterday. We were talking about depression – as you do on a leisurely Tuesday afternoon over tea and cakes – I can’t remember her exact words but they went something like this:

“You can’t get rid of depression entirely so you just find ways to manage it”.

I don’t entirely agree with every aspect of this statement – but sure, for many I think it is pretty accurate. What have you been doing for the last few days since I posted ‘Lifting The Lid On Depression’?

You have been in-training to be a manager.

You have now learned a new system to manage the depression (notice I said: ‘the’ and NOT: ‘your’).

And now I am going to teach you another:

The Five Elements to Transform Negative Emotions:


  • Sit upright on a straight-back chair (a dining chair works best) with your feet firmly on the ground and parallel to each other.
  • Imagine a cord holding your head up from the centre of your head (at the top) and reaching up into the sky.
  • Relax your shoulders, jaw and hips. Scan your body and relax the muscles.
  • Close your eyes and look down within the closed eyelids as if you are looking at the point of your nose.
  • Take three cleansing breaths, sticking your belly out on the in-breath instead of the chest – this is abdominal breathing and will help you to ground.
  • Take your attention into the liver, also be aware of the gallbladder. These organs are housed just below the ribcage to the right of the body. You do not have to be exact. Relax with it.
  • Notice how you feel.
  • Now imagine the colour green – any shade of green – and breathe that into the liver and gall bladder on the in-breath.
  • On the out-breath guide that out of the liver – letting go of whatever negative emotion is in there – and guide that down the body, letting it go at the soles of the feet – DEEP down and into the ground.
  • Repeat several times.
  • If your mind wonders, gently bring it back and include any distracting thoughts in the breath – letting them go with whatever negative emotions were housed in the liver.
  • Just let it all go.

It will take some practice – be gentle with yourself – but you will become comfortable with this exercise. The effects can vary.

If: You feel shaky, numb, angry, irritable – Go outside and STAMP your feet on the solid earth or do it where you are. Roll up your duvet/use lots of pillows together or use a punch bag and punch out any feelings of stress, anger, irritation – if you can, get someone to facilitate/spot you with this that will be even more beneficial. (‘Spot’ is a gym term).


This practice is my own adaptation from the Taoist System of Healing and a valuable excerpt from my forthcoming eBook: ‘How to Be Happy’. You don’t really need to know exactly what is going on – although for the benefit of the subconscious:

Green into your liver and gall bladder creates Human Heartedness, Togetherness, Joy – The out-breath RELEASES Anger, Resentment, Loneliness, Jealousy (all of which cause depression when repressed).

That’s it.

For now.

There will be a third and final part to this blog series on Lifting The Lid On Depression – a more practical rounding off in order for you to become a true master of your management system. Remembering that the key to being a good manager is delegation.

Until Next Time,

Matt Chase, CEO Serotonin Levels Inc.

  1. Love the Liver Practice and other points you raise in this important series on depression. 🙂 TY!

    • Fantastic Eliz – I am REALLY pleased that you are benefiting from the practice and the series! Let’s all keep it up… who knows where it will lead us?? 🙂

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