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Lifting The Lid On Depression – The Grand Finale!!

February 5, 2013

Welcome to the third and final post on Lifting The Lid On Depression. I will of course be exploring Depression and the Management of many many times in the future but for now – this is all you need to start chipping away at your emotional health – in order to create some subtle and not-so-subtle improvements.

I hope it helps.

Let’s get practical:

If you have been diagnosed with clinical depression the chances are you are on medication – I have NO ISSUE with Correctly Prescribed, Correctly Dosed medication, especially when supported by the appropriate therapy. The reason – in my opinion – that so many drugs ‘don’t work’ is actually down to practitioner incompetence and lack of training in Therapeutic Interventions. Prescription Meds are supposed to be used alongside Psychological Support – otherwise there really is little point and you are simply being drugged – again, this is my opinion.

You are the master of your body, your mind and your treatment.

If you prefer to choose the natural route – there are many ‘Alternative’ Treatments, remedies, herbs and lifestyle choices available. Personally I would not suggest doing this without Professional Assistance – just as you wouldn’t self-prescribe anti-depressants, I don’t think self-administering herbs and remedies is a great idea either. Qualified herbalists, homoeopaths and nutritionists will often know exactly the correct doses and amounts that need to be taken. Again, the old ‘Oh, natural remedies don’t work’ may simply be down to an incorrect dosage taken.

Always consult a professional – know that even they can get things wrong – and if that particular practitioner hasn’t helped you – find another! You are in control here.  I trust you.

You know this, I’m sure you know this – but when we are depressed we forget, so I am reminding you that:

  • Regular Exercise
  • Regular Social Interaction
  • Lovemaking
  • A support network – both socially and therapeutically
  • Healthy Food
  • Regular Sleep


Yeah yeah – I DO understand that when you are depressed – you don’t want to do any of the above! But I am reminding you anyway for when you get that millisecond of motivation, when your treatment/remedies kicks in – and you decide to throw off that cloak and give it to me.

And another, final practical reminder that:

  • Alcohol
  • Drugs (some prescription, some other)
  • Fatty, Sugary, Unhealthy Food
  • No sex or ‘bad’ sex
  • Isolation
  • Repressed Emotion
  • Lack of Exercise

All can make depression MUCH MUCH WORSE or even cause it in the first place.

Just a reminder. You don’t need to do anything. Yet.

Unless of course you want to?

Do you?

Can I help in any way?

I’m here – You are not alone.

You see – you can strike off  ‘Isolation’ from that list straight way 🙂

Until Next Time, My Dear Friend,

Matt Chase International.


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Disclaimer: These posts and Matt Chase International are not to be taken as medical advice on depression. This blog is not a replacement for clinical treatment. If you have a diagnosed psychological disorder please seek professional assistance.


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