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Something Is Happening. I Know Not What.

March 11, 2013

I am having the strangest day. I have two major points to make in this post so stick with me kid, and let’s see where it leads us both!!

Firstly, as you (may) know from my two previous text posts – I have been in the poo both emotionally and financially. It has been hell. I notice I am talking past tense which is odd as I haven’t (and can’t) pay my rent but appear to be beyond the point of caring…. anyways – first-up is this little experiment for you – PLEASE do it if you can and get back to me, I would be very interested in the results:

  • The next time someone asks you: ‘How are you?’ and you happen to be feeling like crap, try telling them. An example could be: ‘I feel really low, as if nothing works anymore, I am so lost’. That is where I have been but your response could of course be very different. The important  thing is to BE and to BE HONEST.

If you are feeling particularly low and in need of help – I wouldn’t try this out! Especially if you are active in the movement of ‘Positive Thinking’, including blogging. You will often find that ‘Happy’ and ‘Positive, Affirming’ posts get a good and plentiful response, posts (and conversations in the real world) expressing how you really feel will not.


Well, I will leave that conclusion until after I have heard from you. If indeed you are brave enough to report back :-). Go on, I dare you!

The second major point of today is this: The Kindness of Strangers. I will shortly dedicate a whole post to this and with this title because in the last few days and especially today (which is why I am having the strangest of feelings) I have been inundated with kindness… I can’t cope! (Joke).

Here are a couple of examples of recent kindness: The other day I was emailed by a fellow blogger reminding me of my power, my light and ‘the summer that always lies beneath the surface of apparently constant winters’ (I am paraphrasing, it was written more fluidly than that). The blogger also included a link to a beautiful song that was written especially for someone in crisis. It moved me beyond tears and into a place of peace.

Today, I received a response from a potential employer whom I had contacted regarding a job. Within our exchange of emails, I offered a little advice based on my experience of her situation. It was no big deal. She replied: ‘You are a light in the darkness’. Now bearing in mind that the employer doesn’t know about my blog, my work or my spiritual beliefs… THIS IS PRETTY INCREDIBLE. I again was moved beyond tears and amazed at how I still appear to be ‘Light’ amongst all this kack I am currently swimming through (my Goodness, it stinks in here :-))

I have never met these lovely ladies.

Sometimes, in fact oftentimes – we must rely on the kindness of strangers. Very often our friends, as much as we love them and as much as they love us – just cannot be there. I know that a handful of my friends have avoided me in my darkest hours. This happens for two reasons – 1) They simply don’t have the time (they have other commitments/family that must come first) 2) My suffering is a mirror image of their own hidden suffering – and they fear that connecting with mine will drag them under.

The same applies when readers find a blog post like Close to the Edge and Quick! Grab This… It’s just too honest for some peeps. How do you feel when your pain is not seen? More importantly – How do you ACT?

You probably do just that – Act. You pretend that you feel great in order for the other to feel more comfortable. I know I do.


Not any more folks. We are human beings. The very nature of Human Nature, Human Behaviour is fragility. Through this comes strength. I know this to be true. not because I have been there –

But because I AM there – Right Now.

So do you fancy that experiment? I’d be really pleased if you did. And I am very much looking forward to hearing your report 🙂

Much love to you,

Matt xx


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  1. thedawnerupts permalink

    Be kind, be honest, never be afraid… So many understand you so well. You will never be alone, my friend

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