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Introducing Darkness

March 15, 2013

I have mentioned ‘Darkness’ many times and it is my hope that you realise the importance of entering into this state with an open mind and an open heart. The next few posts will lead us both into what can only be described as: Reality. Sometimes this is unpleasant, sometimes inspiring, sometimes both. Either way – I make no apology.

Here, take a sip right now and see how it makes you feel:

(Automatic writing) With gaping wounds and ruptured soul – I lean to thee for whence there stood a time before that – shadow, the pain that darns t not hinder my movement. The Devil tricked my Darkness of mind thus destroying the destroyer. I allowed Blackness in and thrust it again out into the void that ’tis thee.

And so I lean.

I lean.

And so I lean.

Bloodied. Splattered. Alive with Death. Warmed by closeness and peril to be tricked by Dark Light ’tis momentary madness ’tis all. This fleeting fancy shall leave just as soon as it arrived. Trust my truth to be fact as I come to thee with open veins and solid eyes I beg of thee – sanctuary.

Please, cherish upon me –


Keep reading, keep exploring – Keep the faith,

Matt Chase 🙂

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