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Dark Wisdom And What It Means To You:

March 19, 2013

The Welcoming Now

Wash away the sadness with showering lights from the stars. Let the yeast ignite the mirth inside you to be transformed into something else. The something that lies beneath us all, dreaming in closeted isolation and bursting for freedom.

Allow your desires to run free like a skipping bird across the planes of the Natives. Remind yourself of your beauty, strength and vulnerable power. You have been free from the moment of your birth – who told you otherwise and why did you choose to listen to them?

Now is your time and the time is Now.  Make a break for it and scarper naked through the meadows and playing fields of your mind. Ground your liberties into the heart of your home planet and re-awaken what you have always known. Breathe deeply, purposefully and with complete conviction into your embryonic core that sustains you and all life. Live your life in the full presence of joy.

Be all you can be and more. Go beyond your soft limits pushing through boundaries, outer perimeters and portals. Shed the mask of the ego and never falter from your path into the great landscape of The One True Mind.

The Dark is much like the Light – it’s all an illusion and having the faith to move between these two non-entities will bring us freedom and clarity. The One Mind calls to you dear friend, will you answer?

The above is the introduction to the forthcoming title ‘Dark Wisdom’ – do you want to discover yours? Do you dream of integrating the two and becoming whole again?

Do you realise how crazy this looks?? GREAT!

Stick with me kid, we’ll go places 🙂

Matt Chase xx

Dark Wisdom is a collection of shorts based upon true events. There is something for everyone, although those craving truth will benefit most. Along with the insane explorers….

  1. s1mpl33m33 permalink

    “You have been free from the moment of your birth – who told you otherwise and why did you choose to listen to them?” – Parents.

    • Hey you and thank you for responding to this post…. so… sure thing, Parents can be (an usually are) a MASSIVE factor in our learned behaviours BUT there comes a time in our lives (I am here, right now) when we must make a choice…… I choose NOT to believe the ‘otherwise’ – I choose to believe in where I am at – right now. Why?

      Because my friends – it’s the only now we have, which makes a great starting point 🙂

      There’s a great poem by Philip Larkin that I am pretty sure you will like: ‘This Be The Verse’ – look it up! 🙂

      • s1mpl33m33 permalink

        LOL nice poem XD very blunt :p
        I would like to believe in the right now, and take the opportunities. But my love for my parents are stopping me, f i leave the house for a few hours to go somewhere to eat or even a friends house, they over worry. They stress themself into a state. How can i do anything if they worry so much? I want to see the world, help others, do my share in the community, i have so much to give. I guess this is just life.

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