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Sticking to your own Blueprint

March 28, 2013

I have tentatively mentioned Motivational Speakers, Coaches, Inspirational Teachers, Gurus etc. a few times in posts past – I have also hinted that I take issue with the way that (some) work:

Now I Am Going to be Really Honest:

The majority are talking through their asses.

Why do I think this? Because after researching the most well-known I discovered something: All of them – yes – ALL of them, had a pretty good start to begin with. Mentioning no names, I will give you a couple of examples:

One founder of a very well known system for success, self-healing, wealth, happiness etc. was discussing his ‘struggles’ with getting started, describing the usual ‘I was going nowhere, stuck in a dead-end job, working for someone else, had no money, was feeling depressed’ etc. etc. and as I am reading this fantastic, motivating spiel I am beginning to think: ‘Wow, this guy is like me! But he has achieved so much!’


He described, how he was ‘forced’ to ‘Borrow from friends and family, max out my credit cards, sell my car’ etc. etc. etc.

The poor guy – my heart bleeds.

Do you know where I am coming from? When I hit rock bottom as I posted in ‘Close to the Edge – Still HERE’ – I had an apartment to live in. That was it (wonderful, lucky, but all I had and that was rented and in arrears). I had no money (and I mean zero balance zero in wallet), I had no credit cards – because I was so broke I was a bad risk, I had no food for three days, no car and hadn’t for some years because I couldn’t afford one, no family (nope – just me) and I was and still am single.

Pretty shit? Yes – but there are people far far worse off and I am lucky in that I have a few good friends and can access free therapy because I live in the UK  (good old Blightie!).

The point is this:

Like Attracts Like.

So when you already have a great start in life (family, support, money) – Chances are you will succeed pretty quickly.

Take All Those Away:

It’s gonna be a long hard struggle. Not negative – Fact.

A second example is fascinating – very similar story so I won’t repeat it – but with the added global success from a very early age (in comparison to others in a related field).

Was this achieved by: ‘Positive Thinking?’ Nope. ‘Belief in Themselves?’ Nope: ‘Hard work and determination?’ Maybe.

Actually, it was achieved by: ‘Letting go of a successful business in order to launch myself as… it was hard to let it go.’ (Paraphrased to avoid identifying them).

Allow me to translate that for you:  ‘Letting Go’ = SELLING FOR MEGA BUCKS =



But let me tell you this: That isn’t the fascinating bit – the fascinating bit is this: This person (I am trying really hard not to identify them so avoiding even their  gender) was on a VERY well known chat show and the presenter asked them how they deal with feeling low/frustrated etc. Their reply: ‘I see what I can do for someone else, check out how I can help them and I immediately feel better’.

The presenter asked: ‘Does this really help?’

They replied: ‘Every time’.


NOPE: Whilst replying, the person shook their head from side to side.

Check this out – watch an inspirational teacher, see what they do with their hands and head – That is what their real self is saying to you:


Why not? You might ask:

Dead simple honey – they are sharing their blueprint with you – Not yours.

Make your own blueprint – turn that into a footprint – then BE THE CHANGE by sharing it.

And if all that makes you a little money – cool. If it happens to make you a lot of money – Great:

But at least you will know, you have been authentic.

I love you.

Matt xx


  1. I have spoken in past tense regarding my apartment, not sure why because this is where I am now – but it felt right to describe it as past. So I did. :-).
  2. This post refers to the speakers who teach ‘Should do this’ and ‘If you do that’ etc. which in my opinion transfers their way of doing things onto you.
  3. This post does not refer to brave souls who simply share their way of doing things in the hope that it may serve you in some way.
  4. I love you. I may have mentioned that.
  1. Lovely words! 🙂 I am glad you sent me the link- it is really interesting to look at where folks come from with their success stories, what they had to start with, and what they had for support while they took changes seeing how it all comes together. The amount of bravery and chance it takes to start from the bottom with an original idea is much different in my opinion when someone lacks parental or family financial support, versus when they know they have it if they need it. Great post!

    • Hey you! Really please you liked it…. I learned/noticed that people from supportive backgrounds take more risks – because they know they have a safety net so thus they tend to succeed faster BUT it doesn’t mean that others can’t – it just takes longer…. I am speaking for myself 🙂

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