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The Parasitic Nature of Wealth

April 7, 2013

First things first – STICK WITH ME during this blog post – There IS an optimistic outcome 🙂

In the aftermath of a disastrous few months here in the UK, following (and sometimes during) a catastrophic time when I lost my home, my money, my security AND my mental health, I got to thinking:

‘What was the main factor that triggered this very-close-to-suicide period in my life?’ (I am NOT exaggerating)

The answer was glaring me in the eye:


The letter was what is called a ‘Warrant for Bailiffs to enter your home’ or words to that effect. The amount owing was… drum roll please…. 869.76p to a debt collection company who PURCHASED the ‘debt’ from a bank whom I DIDN’T EVEN OWE money to.

Sound familiar?

The debt collection company (a corporation) is: WEALTHY – They make their money from – THE POOR.

The Bank (a corporation) is: WEALTHY – They make their money from – THE POOR.

The Court (a corporation, yep, it is) is: WEALTHY – They make their money from – THE POOR.

I crumbled. This was the final nail in the coffin of years of struggling, trying to keep my head above water in order to –


My rent then became overdue, mainly because I was too ill to work properly:

The landlord (operating as a corporation) is: WEALTHY – he is making money from – THE POOR.

Sure, he is providing a service – as many corporations do – but for profit – at the expense of – THE POOR.

Corners get cut (to save money), human beings get bullied (to make money) and the poor fall by the wayside in order to make way for the slightly less poor who can continue to pay. This keeps the wealthy – WEALTHY.

It also makes them – parasitic.

HERE’S THE POSITIVE BIT: (‘Yey! I hear you cry…)

What do you do with internal parasites? (IE: Pathogens in your body) – You take some medicine to kill them off so that they can’t drain your energy anymore.

What do you do with EXTERNAL parasites? TAKE YOURSELF OUT OF HARM’S WAY.

It really is that simple. Not so much when you are sick (I speak from experience) but just as soon as you have recovered:


Then they simply cannot feed off you anymore.

The end?


There is NOTHING stopping YOU (and ME) from becoming wealthy. But let us all learn from the mistakes of others and use OUR wealth to:


  1. That is so on point Matt: BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THIS WORLD. Love it!!

  2. good blog Matt, follows my own convictions.

  3. You’ve found the beginning of self-transformation!!!!! My dad was an entertainer, a traveling one. I experienced him living from check to check, in the clink for debts unpaid. I learned from his experience. It was radical, but I did it. For me, my first choice, age 4, no children for me, it keeps people in debt. For those who have or love children, debt is the price. I married, but we lived on one wage, saved the other. If one isn’t married, then one must live below one’s means. I bought most everything from second hand stores and cut-rate prices. bought only on deep sale. No new cars, drove our last car, a used Cadillac, for 25 years. The car we drive now is a 1999 Lincoln of which we inherited, sold the Cady, put the money in savings. When you are a writer depending on royalties, its tough living from pay-check-to-pay-check. You definitely have to put away as much as you can without blowing it. Here in the U.S. one can finally pay down a mortgage and own house out-right except for property tax, if you have opportunity to do that, I encourage it. Bottomline, develop several streams of income if at all possible. Back 30 years ago, we had no debt, I invested in one rental property, held it for 25 years, sold it, put the money in cds when interest rate was high for 10 years. Now, 48-49 yrs marriage, debt free, independently wealthy, and we still follow our own frugality. One-day-at-a-time, frugality, simplicity is truly the happiest life!!!!! Enjoy the process of your journey!!!!!

    • Wow your are a Great Mirror for my life today! I am in the process of downsizing having it ‘forced’ upon me by circumstances. I am learning that ‘less is more’ and to create and develop sources of income that I produce myself that enable me to commit time to write and – I hope – honour other people at the same time.

      I just submitted a manuscript to a Publisher in the US so let’s all cross our fingers… 🙂

      • Good for you!!!!! Thank you for your response!!! Frugality and simplicity teaches one so much about life, that one can truly have a fuller life!!!!!!

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