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The Games People Play – Authenticity Creates Peace

April 12, 2013

I have two things WIZZIN round my head: So I shall rant them both out:

Firstly, I was looking at my stats (I had had a particularly busy day blogging) and saw that a guy had ‘liked’ several posts in one day. ‘Wow!’ I thought, ‘This guy must really dig what I have to say!!’

Then I noticed something:

He had ‘liked’ four pretty lengthy posts in less than ONE MINUTE.

‘Boy!’ I thought ‘This guy must be a really fast reader!’ Actually, I didn’t think that, I thought:

‘What a wanker!!!!!!!!!’

Not just that, I have been following this guy for some time now and almost signed up to his ‘make money by blogging’ crap – I’m sure you’ve seen these here and there – because I am really in need of money, to live.

Why did this guy ‘like’ articles he hadn’t read?


To get his blog noticed – to get others to click on his link – to get ME to notice him – to MAKE MONEY from me (if he’d actually READ my posts, he would have seen I was DESPERATE to be helped, not exploited) –

Remember my recent blog about this? You can read it: Here.

Anyways… sad, disappointed and angry I gets to my second rant subject:

Peace. (Yeah, weird connection innit??)

I was reading this FANTASTIC blog about, well, peace and they invite everyone to join in… I immediately thought ‘I can’t, I’m too angry’  But then as I read on I noticed that ‘Peace’ takes many forms and this blog asks everyone to contribute their version of Peace 🙂

A funny thing happened the other day, I had just spent the entire morning cursing and stomping around my apartment, fuming, boiling and cussing inside just waiting for that wrong word, misinformed judgement or, hell – sudden change in wind direction to light the touch paper when –

I went outside to go to the shop, a young mum walked by pushing a pram with her other toddler walking loyally (and cheekily) beside her. The mum nodded at me and smiled and the little boy grinned right at me – I giggled – but not just that, my heart burst open:

‘Ah, how cute’ I cheesily said, gob opening way before brain edited.

Was I really angry?


And being honest and in touch with that enabled me to be authentic with the other aspects of my experience and emotions. So for me:-


Get over it!! 😉


  1. Absolutely. Blind liking is really annoying. I always hope for the people that have something to contribute to what I am posting about, and I respectfully try to do the same. I guess I am doing this whole social media thing wrong, but if I don’t find the post interesting, I just move on. Thank you for posting this!

    • A pleasure and I don’t think there is a ‘wrong’ way, in fact, I think it’s the pressure we feel to do it the ‘right’ way that results in this thinking – I know I have questioned this until I figured ‘Hell, this is how I want to do it… so I will!’ So long as I am not hurting or manipulating anyone – I can sleep at night 🙂

      Happy Blogging 🙂

  2. Atreyu Crimmins permalink

    Yes, I get the odd “7 likes in 8 seconds” admirers. Indeed some of my followers are like that, and when their countries don’t come up on my stats I know that that they’re just spliking around (spam+like=splike) looking for attention. That’s the quickest way to turn me off your blog, fool. Still, guess it works for some. 😉

  3. While I know this isn’t the case for the “money by blogging” guy (two likes on separate pages by two separate exploiters–how the duck do you remove these?)–sometimes I read through a lot of posts on a blog and then go back and like and/or comment on them in a short span of time. I know it’s a weird way to peruse, but that’ how I roll!

    Just letting you know, not all quick likes and such are spammers, sometimes it’s just weirdos!

    • April I do love you you make me giggle! I do that too actually (which means I’m weird yey!) But you can tell the ‘Splikers’… I stole that from the gorgeous one… Quite easily.

      I’d go for the weirdos over Splikers anyday 🙂

  4. Love the authenticity, Matt. You are right. We can’t have true peace without authenticity. I am so stoked that you found peace and joy with one smile and grin. It makes me confident that we can change the world with small acts of kindness. Thank you so much for the pingback. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

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