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What The Bleep?!

April 14, 2013

Yesterday I had a strange experience… yeah yeah, nothing new there but allow me to elaberate:

I woke up a tad miserable but pretty calm. As the day progressed I felt calmer and calmer and calmer: ‘This is weird’ I thought to myself. Then I made the mistake of switching the computer on to check my emails:

‘Where is my money?’

‘I am having problems myself so can’t be there for you’

‘Sign up for this affiliate marketing scam*’ (*OK it didn’t actually say ‘scam’)

The list goes on and by the end of it – I was a nervous wreck! It took me hours to get myself back into balance –

I meditated – didn’t work. I screamed my head off – worked a bit. I wrote a long list of hate words – worked a bit.

Do you know what did work?


How bleeped up is that??

Well actually – No. I blessed the water first, imagined it clearing out all that angst (that wasn’t mine) THEN I visualised that sense of clarity and GAVE IT AWAY. I imagined it going out from my body, my home, my city and out into the world so that all beings could benefit.

Our bodies are 80% water – Water retains memory – Think about the effect of our own stuff, add to that everyone else’s – and we can go one way – or the other.

I won’t go into the science (because I can’t) but I will justify stealing the title of my post (!) by posting the official trailer to this movie: Watch it:

  1. Jenna Peterson permalink

    Great movie. Also, The Hidden Messages in Water by Dr. Masaru Emoto was brilliant. I have blessed my water before but often forget how powerful something so simple can be. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Thank you for sharing these great videos. This also lends truth to the idea that if we are negative toward ourselves in our thinking, we become that negativity. The water in our body may react to this.

    Oddly, this is a phenomenon all over Facebook & Twitter these days – people passing these post around regarding negative thinking. But do many of them understand it? Or worse, do they believe it? The truth is, I knew this 20 years ago. I didn’t learn it yesterday on Facebook. I have seen this within myself, and I have seen how our words can destroy others.

    Something similar to this water theory is what I believe is tearing the people of the USA down and apart. I have seen how not meditating and the cessation of following my own personal spirituality has torn me down… Depression, physical ailments, weight gain and poor well being have all befallen me. Not to mention, denial has made my life miserable. I once had a great life. I left my home because I was duped out of my senses. I gave up my good job. I moved to an expensive place i dislike for many reasons. I became jobless. I lost my spirituality. I got lazy. I hated myself. My depression and anxiety caused me to further punish myself. The hole got deeper, darker. I made more wrong choices and negative thoughts enveloped me.

    “Enough of servitude to others’ gains”. That’s what I said the day I walked out the door of the worst employer in the world, during the 2nd worse economic crisis of my time. I couldn’t take it anymore. I was a slave to pennies and hardship. I took what I could because I am college educated and couldn’t find a better job. For three years I slaved on the “plantation” of largest retailer in the world, rarely applying anywhere else because I thought this is what my life had come to. “No one will hire me.” That’s what I said. And that’s what happened when I took the chance to apply elsewhere. Finally, lest I choke someone…I left.

    It’s all about the water. I can be angry, sad, fearful, fretful, and all I have to do is fill the tub with water, herbs, salts…or imagine myself floating in a warm pool, and I am calmed. I am one of the few people who are actually calmed by a good recording of oceans sounds, babbling brooks or rain. Incidentally, I grew up in rural Texas and these sounds, along with crickets and mooing cows, seem to bring me “home.” I love going home to when things were great. This meditation helps my water turn to “snow flakes.”

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