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Going To Pieces Without Falling Apart – Part 3 – Fruition

April 19, 2013

When you build from the ground up you have to start from scratch. You have to also be naked. Not literally. Being naked takes courage. To show someone your wounds involves rejection. I know this from the scores of friends who, through no fault of their own, abandoned me – fuelled by their own fears as my rawness became a reflection of their own inner turmoil.

I remember my reaction to this: ‘Am I going mad? Have I lost the plot? What is wrong with me? I must be insane’ suddenly transforming itself into a response: ‘I have no choice but to go with this. I have to surrender. I know what my body needs. This is what sanity really feels like – so I’ll go with it’.

It was at this point that ‘having no choice’ became making the choice – to be free. True freedom comes from within. It can only emerge in authenticity. When we take that ‘risk’ of confronting our ‘Demons’ it is only then that our Demons become our friends. For me – the situation and events that have enabled me to face myself and see me as I truly am have, finally, provided the key ingredients to continue this journey into self discovery, sanity and breakthroughs:

  • A safe supportive physical space
  • A safe supportive therapeutic space
  • Sustenance (food and water)
  • Time – lots of time*
  • People – close enough to help – not too close so I can still breathe.

*But with the 3 key ingredients above and 1 below, without which this can be counter-productive. Safety is the key.

Thank you watching. Stay on this channel. 🙂

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