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How To Disappear

May 4, 2013

Following on from yesterday – it depends on your need to disappear and why. I am sharing my own experiences with you and so my needs will be different from your own.

The ‘How To’ title is very tongue in cheek… I’m not an expert… However – This guy is:  Frank M. Ahearn, let him tell you in his professional opinion how you do it.

I do not owe money to the government (a corporation registered as such for profit, yes, it is), I do not owe money to anyone else that I’m not paying back, I am not being stalked, I am not running from a violent relationship – so my reasons are purely Spiritual. I know – weird word to use in such circumstances don’t you think? But it felt right so I ran with it.

I am simply getting off the grid to the level that feels ‘right’ – not necessarily comfortable – but RIGHT.

So I now have no landline telephone number, I do not give my address out, I have a pre-pay mobile phone and a pre-pay credit card. I still have a bank account (although there’s no money in it!) but I am working on that – if anyone has any ideas how to live practically without one, hit me up. What ‘disappear’ has meant for me is this:

I am less accessible to the people who drain me – which makes me more accessible to the people who genuinely need my help OR who genuinely enjoy my company (and visa versa). Really simple? Well yes, for me it was… in the end 🙂

There are other measures I have taken to preserve my privacy, most of which I won’t share with you – it’s up to you to research that. The search engine I use is: ixquick – they do not record or store any of your information. Fact.

Now, moving swiftly on to why I have done this, here I will share with you how I am feeling now, following being forced into changing my lifestyle and following realising what I needed to do in order to bring this about:

  • I go to bed late, safe in the knowledge no-one will be knocking on my door
  • I wake up mid-morning – as above
  • I can afford the healthy, organic food I enjoy to eat and my body needs
  • I can afford to live where I am living – easily
  • I have no TV – Heaven!
  • The phone rings only when I decide to switch it on – Heaven!
  • I talk with people when I choose to
  • I write, paint, dance, dream and love as much as I want and when I want
  • I know who I am.

It was the space that enabled me to re-discover this. It was ‘disappearing’ that gave me my power back. It was being free from distractions, opinions and manipulation that reminded me that being a wage slave was their plan – not mine.

Enjoy your freedom, however you choose to create it.

xx 🙂 xx

Further Reading US: (Affiliate Link)

How to Disappear… Vanish Without Leaving A Trace

Further Reading UK: (Same)

How to Disappear…Vanish Without Leaving A Trace

Thank You.

  1. I went ”off the grid” about 2 years ago. I feel much better having done so, and when I want to connect with people it’s on my own terms. I also wonder what kind of alternatives there are to traditional banking systems.

    • That’s great to hear and I’m so pleased that you have found the ‘off the grid’ level that works for you. Yes any alternative banking systems/ideas are next on the agenda… any ideas/news anyone?? 🙂

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