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Contemporary Art – Friend or Foe?

October 1, 2013

I have just returned from an art fair in the city centre. A friend of mine had just been to the contemporary art section and said something on the lines of: ‘It makes me think there’s hope for me’ meaning – if they (the artists) can do that (an art installation comprising of empty boxes) then so can she. There was dismissal in her tone and understandably so. Except….

I visited the same section and came across a gallery showcasing their artists and I picked up a leaflet by the artist NaoKo TakaHashi who had an exhibit at the IMT Gallery, London. The leaflet was an explanation of that exhibit which was an exploration, using humour, of conspiracy theories and alien life forms etc. What hit me from the leaflet was the title which referred to the ‘symptoms’ of: sanity. The symptoms listed on the cover resonated with me so much that I stood there with goose bumps pushing forth through every hair follicle. The director of the IMT Gallery was there, at the stall exhibiting the gallery’s’ artists.

            “Can you explain a little about this please?” I asked the tall slender lady, smartly dressed and clearly passionate about the artists she was representing. She knew the ins and outs of NaoKo’s style, intentions and of course the exhibition currently running down in London.

You will know from my blog that I am fascinated by what defines sanity. I am also interested in alternative living, institutional corruption and how we can form communities that support us away from the trappings of greed and manipulation. My writing style could be perceived as contemporary art. I am pretty sure (although not certain) that NaoKo’s exhibition and supporting leaflet did not have the intention to challenge such institutions, including the mental health institutions, but to me this is how it spoke. To me – contemporary art was my very close friend in that moment, standing there at the art fair, reading a leaflet created by an incredible contemporary artist. The exhibition is on at the IMT Gallery until October 20th so do check it out if you are in London or get the chance to visit but back to me….

I have been toying with the idea of going to University for some time and my recent fabulous frolicking with students whilst working as a ‘Street Team’ member of a local club night has enthused me to the core… but which course to do? Contemporary art, of course.

I want to change the world with my passion. I want to touch souls by speaking directly to that soul. I want to…. Give people goose bumps.

Until Next Time,

Matt Chase xx

*I haven’t elaborated on the actual ‘Symptoms’ listed on the cover of the leaflet because they are copyright NaoKo TakaHashi, but also I don’t want to rob you of the experience I had… just read the leaflet and see the accompanying exhibit. If you get it, this contemporary artist is your friend for life. Enjoy….

Further info: IMT Gallery:


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  1. “…change the world with your passion.” You can do it, Matt, and we’re looking forward to seeing, hearing about and feeling your wonderful impact!

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