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A Night of Distraction

November 2, 2013

Distraction is a gift when you are recovering from a breakthrough. The physical, psychological and emotional after-effects of what is often termed an ‘emotional breakdown’ or ‘mental breakdown’ or ‘nervous breakdown’ are lasting and persistent, especially the paranoia and mental chatter. So….. my new job of flyering for a local night time festival and club night has taken me to Leeds in the North-West (ish) of England – in the middle of the night with complete strangers. Fabulous. When I was first handed the shift and asked to jump into the car with my boxes of flyers and trust a strange girl to take me to Leeds, bring me back to where I live (I’m not telling you where that is) for 3.00am where I will meet three more strangers to give the flyers to, where we will then pair up to flyer two different clubs in the City – I am thinking (from and OLD place) – ‘I can’t do that! I am forty! I need my sleep! I will be exhausted!’

Then – I gave the situation a little perspective:

I am a writer and thus I can command my own hours. I haven’t stayed up all night since pre-breakthrough and, actually, my memories of staying up all night, whether writing, dancing or making love, have all been very positive and memorable experiences. I am strong, I have always had more energy than my peers and of course I am flyering with people twenty years younger than me – they’re the only ones who can keep up!

I am in the right place, at the right time and thus have decided to launch myself –

Into a night of distraction.

Stay tuned…

Matt xx

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