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What Now? Part 1

January 8, 2014

So. The year is upon us. The New Year of Two Thousand and Fourteen Anno Domini.

Now What?

Well, let me tell you a little bit about last year first, before we go jumping into this one. Oh, that’s right, you already know about last year, having read my blog (haven’t you??) an’ all.

And of course you already know about your last year so how about we don’t go there either.

Okay so we’re not leaping forward and now we’ve decided not to look back either.


Let’s just twiddle our thumbs for a bit.


How about we sit in what is for a while?

Want some help with that?


Just before we do that, take a look at the site disclaimer because what I am about to share with you is 1000% potent and should not be attempted without therapeutic supervision. Remember to get some help with this practice, therapeutic support, a friend and yourself (I’m gonna keep reminding you of this, it’s important).

This practice is called The Five Elements (Spleen/Stomach) Practice and is just one aspect of the range of techniques called ‘The Five Elements to Transform Negative Emotions’. I take issue with the name but I am a mere mortal passing this information on to you. Personally, I find this practice helpful in sitting with our situations as they are, without trying to forcibly change them: please allow me to elaborate (and yes, I will just have to make a quick-dash visit to my past in order to do that, I’ll be as succinct as I can):

Last year I lost my home. I could have stopped this from happening. I could have placed advertisements everywhere to take in a lodger. I could have gone out and done yet another ‘normal job’. I knew – absolutely knew – that those ‘solutions’ would have been wrong.

Listening to advice from caring friends and worried practitioners, I ‘should’ have gone down the practical routes as above mentioned. I knew different.

Despite my declining mental health, increasing anxiety and complete loss of ‘self’ I knew – absolutely in my heart – that the right thing was to sit… just long enough….. just patient enough… until I was forced to spontaneously take action (instead of making a knee-jerk reaction) into the correct position.

The correct position was completely unexpected and unknown to me beforehand.

I just knew that the change had to be made by me, on my own advice, rather than listening to others. Yes, it was frightening but this is where this practice saved me (although I didn’t know it at the time):

This post is long – I know we bloggers hate to read long posts but stick with me – it’s worth it:

A few days ago I posted a quote about resisting the natural flow of life.

Sometimes the natural flow of life sucks.

This practice will help you to be in the natural flow of life.

This does not mean that it won’t still suck – it will :-).

I still lost my home but here’s the thing – I KNEW THAT IT HAD TO HAPPEN. I said to friends: ‘I cannot take action just yet because I have the strong intuition that this has to happen’.

I was right.

This was confirmed by the accurate, swift and successful action I took (with the help from my friends and professionals) into new housing, a mental health support centre and eventually back into community life, writing, socialising and living.

Lessons had to be learned and losses had to take place. Pain had to enter my life and resolve had to triumph over delusion.

So finally, here, for you, right now, is the practice that – in part – enabled me to stand strong in my resolve and to trust that whatever was happening in my life had, to: happen…

The Five Elements Spleen/Stomach Practice (Remember to get some help with this practice, therapeutic support, a friend and yourself. It’s probably best to have this read to you or for you to record it and play it back. At the very least, read it a few times first to get friendly with it):

Adopt the most effective meditative posture as follows:

(This particular posture enables grounding and thus reduces likelihood of light headedness/anxiety afterwards)

Sit upright on a straight-backed chair

Place hands on the top of your legs, palms down

Relax your shoulders

Head should be upright yet neck relaxed

Jaw relaxed with the tip of your tongue lightly touching the top pallet just behind the front teeth


The breath should be relaxed, natural, with the abdomen expanding on each breath in

Imagine an invisible chord pulling your body/spine upright from the centre of the top of your head on the in-breath

Now relax the muscles that enabled you into that position on the out-breath but maintain the posture

Ask a friend/practitioner to correct your posture for you should you momentarily lapse


Take your attention down into your spleen and stomach (see below)

These organs are situated on the left of the body

The stomach is partly underneath the ribcage and the spleen is just below


Visualise the colour yellow

Imagine that you are breathing this colour yellow into your spleen and stomach

Breathe the colour yellow into these organs on each in-breath

Let go on each out-breath

You can intensify this letting go feeling by visualising that you are letting go of ‘whatever’ via the soles of your feet

You might want to grow roots down from your feet on each out-breath. Deep into the ground


Yellow in on the in-breath: into your spleen and stomach

Letting go of ‘whatever’ on the out-breath

Simple: Except:

This can bring stuff up for you as a part of the letting go process.

This can also enable you to sit in the eye of the storm with absolute confidence that the storm needs to happen

It does not mean that it (the practice) can stop the storm

It can’t

Sorry about that, but you already knew… didn’t you.

We will go a little further into this in a few days but for now, just work with ‘Yellow into your spleen/stomach and ‘whatever’ out on the out-breath’.

Remember to get some help with this practice.

The Next Practice (Part 2) will be published on 11th January. In the meantime, do the above as it is – and enjoy the next few posts – creative, fun and another way to assist you in sitting in the eye of the storm. 🙂

Matt Chase xx


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