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What Now? Part 2

January 11, 2014

So how are you getting along with The Five Elements (Spleen/Stomach) Practice? Bringing stuff up? Making you anxious? It just may do. I hope that your practitioner is supporting you with it. If you need to take a break – do so. No-one said you had to do it….

This practice can be done daily (once is more than enough. I usually do it twice but I’ve been doing it for many years so trust yourself on this one) but once a week is often enough.

If doing this alongside the other aspects of The Five Elements Practice extreme caution must be applied. If you are new to The Five Elements stick to one aspect at a time (this Spleen/Stomach Practice is one aspect).

Now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. I find it much, much easier to start this practice by using just the colour and letting go of ‘whatever’, which is why this is all we worked with in Part 1. There is more going on here, of course, but if we initially work with colour alone – already we are using the right side of the brain which is much faster at processing emotions. The colour immediately helps us to access the emotion at an energetic level. There are complex energetic (Energy Medicine) reasons for this but let’s leave the science to the scientists shall we?

Okay, now you’ve got those sparks flying and intuition working, let’s go a tad deeper and look at exactly which emotions (words) we are working with here:

The Five Elements Spleen/Stomach Practice (Going deeper into the practice. Again, take professional advice/support before doing this practice):

Adopt the meditative posture as previously explained and get someone (maybe your practitioner) to read the following to you once you have gotten to the stage where you are breathing yellow into your spleen and stomach:

Please read exactly as it is written (bracketed notes need not be read):


I want you to remember that each time you breathe yellow into your spleen and stomach you are breathing in trust in the natural order of things, appropriate empathy, knowing. You are creating this now: trust in the natural order of things, appropriate empathy, knowing. (Italics for emphasis, all said slowly, clearly, in a very relaxed fashion).

I want you to also know. That each time you let go, every time you breathe out, you are letting go of obsession, fixation and undigested information. You are releasing over-empathising with others. You let go of this each time you breathe out. You release obsession, fixation, undigested information. Right now. You release this now.


Remember. Each time you breathe in. You are breathing in trust in the natural order of things, appropriate empathy and knowing.

Now drop the words, just breathe in yellow, let it go. Breathe in yellow, let it go.

Your body will automatically remember the rest.

Just breathe in yellow. Let it go.

That completes this aspect of ‘The Five Elements to Transform Negative Emotions – Spleen/Stomach Practice’.

If I can be of any assistance please do get in touch and I wish you all the very best with sitting in the eye of the storm.

Matt xx


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