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Clarity 1 – Lifting the Veils of Illusion

January 18, 2014

You know me by now so I’m going to launch straight into this practice. Treat it as a simple meditation if you like, or mindfully intend it to lift the veils of illusion.

Either way – May it bring benefit to you.

Practice To Engender Compassion For All Living Beings: You:

Adopt the meditative posture best for grounding:

Sit upright on a straight-backed chair – feet firmly on the ground

Place hands on the top of your legs, palms down

Relax your shoulders

Head should be upright yet neck relaxed

Your eyelids are closed, yet eyes looking down, as if looking down to the ground

Jaw relaxed with the tip of your tongue lightly touching the top pallet just behind the front teeth


The breath should be relaxed, natural, with the abdomen expanding on each breath in

Imagine an invisible chord pulling your body/spine upright from the centre of the top of your head on the in-breath

Now relax the muscles that enabled you into that position on the out-breath but maintain the posture

The Practice:

Visualise the sunlight

Breathe this warmth into the centre of your chest on the in-breath

Let this go, down the body and out at the soles of your feet on each out-breath

That is it – Sunlight in – let it go

Sunlight in on the in-breath

Down and out at the soles of the feet on the out-breath

Whenever your mind wanders off – gently bring it back and include any distracting thoughts into the breath – letting them go on the out-breath.

That completes Practice 1: You. Stay tuned for Practice 2: Others, published on 21st January. Tomorrow the post ‘What is Delusion?’ will assist us in seeing things as they really are, from a more practical, cerebral standpoint. Let’s tackle this delusion from all angles shall we? And see where it leads us…

Please do the Clarity 1 Practice daily, should you so choose. It is best done in the morning and as with any of the practices I share with you – I do advise professional support throughout your process.

Much Love,

Matt xx


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