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Being Honest With Yourself

January 22, 2014

Having a bad day? Having a good day? Having a bad day but pretending you’re having a good day? Yesterday I felt funny. Not funny haha but funny peculiar. I had a ‘buzzy’ feeling around my head, I felt a little nauseas and light headed. These may sound like physical symptoms but they’re not – it was all emotional. I forced myself to the launderette and became more and more irritable with each forced activity that dragged me through the day. Then I realised something – I wasn’t taking the advice that I dish out to my friends. I also was going in the opposite direction to the recovery I have just experienced. STOOOOOP! Quick!

And so I did.

I went back home, took a breather, a hot bath and did some meditation (this one and this one). During the meditation and as I increasingly came back into my body I felt tearful, so I cried. I then felt very angry, so I stood up, screamed obscenities, punched some cushions, then returned to the meditation. I then giggled my head off, then returned to the meditation. I then ‘gave away’ the benefits of the meditation to you.

Then, I returned to my day but from a completely different angle – honesty.

I took the bus into town and called into my favourite coffee shop. I sat down with the afternoon paper, a soy cafe latte and a giant slice of rich, velvety, chocolaty flourless chocolate cake.

It was the most delicious rich, velvety, chocolaty flourless chocolate cake I have ever tasted.

With Much Love,

Matt xx

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