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Sexuality and the Great British Public (or Everyone?)

January 28, 2014

Now when I say ‘Sexuality’ I am not merely discussing sexual orientation. I am referring to that part of you that is you. That aspect of your being without which you would be dead. Sexuality really is this powerful, it is the very essence of who you are. Yes, really. So why are you hiding it away from me?  Why am I hiding mine away from you?

Well in some respects, maybe we fear what the other will think or say. In other respects – we’re not actually hiding anything at all. All will become clear…

Sexuality vibrates within us (can you feel it? Where?) and then emanates out for all to see.

Even when you think you’re hiding it – that light within you – your nakedness is still apparent for all to see.

And you look great.

You never looked better, actually.

I am currently experimenting with honesty (when was I not?). I’ve looked at anger (and continue to), I’ve discussed grief (ditto), moaned about loss (ditto ditto) and I have also blogged about sex, briefly. This ‘look’ ‘discussion’ ‘moan’ and ‘blogged’ has mainly involved being ‘out there’ with my own story. The sexual aspects of my story seem to me to have been far less ‘out there’ than the other experiences and issues/phenomena that I have discussed here on this blog (soon to be getting a brand new title to better represent what goes on here…)

Why has sexuality – the driving force within each and every one of us – been so absent here?

Maybe it’s because I’m British. Maybe it’s because I had other things on my mind. Maybe it just wasn’t the right time.

Is now the right time?

I am aware that I am beginning to expose yet another part of me. I am seeing very clearly that I am about to show you another aspect of my personality.

I am also aware that I am hesitant.

I know about sex.

I know about therapy.

I know about the healing arts.

I don’t know everything, far from it. There’s lots I don’t know. But I am wondering if what I do know could be of benefit to you, assist you in some way or, in the very least, give you a giggle.

What do you think?

(Private emails welcome if you are too shy to comment publicly :-))

Yours Hesitantly,

Matt Chase 🙂

  1. Love the shift to “Yours Hesitantly,” Go ahead, give us a giggle. 🙂 And I don’t believe the space from where you speak (and ‘be’) is because you’re British. There are far too many other ‘cultures’ that view the broad (and important) subject of sex as only whisper worthy. Let it rip, Matt!

    • haha I am giggling out loud in the library 😉

      Good point, I shall look at other cultures at some point and share some of my experiences in India….

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