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January 30, 2014

Yes I thought that might grab your attention. Needless to say – This post is of Mature Content, turn away now if you are underage or of a prudish nature…

I have always been a very sexual being. From as far back as I can remember, I had these ‘feelings’ down ‘there’ and I wanted to do something about it. Little did I know that those feelings were and are directly related to loving myself.

You weren’t expecting that were you? Or were you…?

I am a great fan of masturbation. I’m a guy, this is so, but I believe that masturbation is a very important and healthy part of YOUR relationship with YOURSELF – be you female, male or transgendered (or however you identify). Your relationship with others always starts with yourself.

See where I’m heading here?

When I was growing up masturbation was inferred to as dirty and wrong. This was not directly taught to me but when my Mum once caught me masturbating in the bathroom, I think I was around eight years old, she asked me what I was doing (Duh!). Then, God love her – she asked me why! (Double duh!). So you see – the inference from this is: ‘Masturbation is bad and you’re the only one doing it’ (because if everyone does it, my Mum wouldn’t have needed to ask me what it was I was doing). Luckily for me as I grew up I naturally started to get to know myself and began to realise that masturbation was normal. Then later on, as I trained in Nursing and Psychotherapy (including Psychosexual Therapy) I learned that, of course, masturbation is GREAT and EVERYONE DOES IT!!

I worked for a while for a Young Person’s Project and through that Project occasionally had private clients referred.  I was asked quite often, especially by clients (who were all young adults) who’s Fathers were absent, if I masturbated. I never hesitated:

“Sure I do, can’t keep my hands off it”. Now some orthodox practitioners amongst you might well be having a mild cardiac infarction at the risk I was taking. Yes, it was a huge professional risk to make such a personal disclosure. But each and every time I saw that young lad’s shoulders drop with relief was worth it – no, it wasn’t just him and yes, everyone does it.

I then took that opportunity to discuss how to masturbate – IE: I do not just make it a physical, mechanical act, I use the whole process as an emotional, energetic and psychological connection with the best person I know – me.

That connection-with-the-self is the first step, I believe, in attempting intimacy.

Intimacy begins with me, then others.

Intimacy can begin with you, then your lovers.

Until Next Time and Happy Masturbating,

Matt Chase xx

PS More on this subject very soon… (and do please get in touch if there is anything specific on this subject that you would like me to cover).

  1. And the journey continues. Post sign-offs have gone from Love, Matt to Yours Hesistantly to Happy Masturbating. Good Lord, I suggest “Let it rip” and looks where he next goes. 🙂

    Light-heartedness aside, bravo Matt, for speaking (writing) about the subject. For goodness sake, let’s get beyond the taboo and on with experiencing our selves! Physically, emotionally and intimately. We are sexual beings. It is proper and encouraging to be open about natural acts. As a momentary digression, I once had a probing dinner conversation in a restaurant with a Urologist friend. Apparently our voices were sufficiently audible that nearby patrons felt the need to admonish us (two adult professionals) for talking in public about bodily fluids. Needless to say, we simply rolled our eyes and continued our discussion.

    A prudeful lot out there. Bring it, my friend.

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