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The Wonderful Thing About Shamans…

February 4, 2014

…is that Shamans are wonderful things. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

No, this post is a little more serious than a certain movie set in the animated jungle. This post isn’t necessarily about Shamans at all so do stick around if the concept is alien…

Just before I do talk more generally, let me just tell you that Shamans are very connected to not only the Earth but the energies of the Earth, the wind, the four directions, animals – everything and including – the afterlife. When I say ‘connected’ please do think about this just for a second – take the ‘Shaman’ out of it for now and think (and feel) how it would be to be truly truly connected to your environment.

You never know what can happen.

The other day I had spent the morning walking around town having what I like to call ‘a four direction day’. What I do here is ground myself, imagine that I have physical connections to all four directions – North, South, East and West – and then I simply go wherever my body wants to go that day. I do not plan, think or ponder – I just go (which sometimes means standing still too).

On this particular day I ended up near to a coffee shop I hadn’t visited since before Christmas. It used to be my regular place to hang out, smoke and drink coffee. I thought to myself ‘oh I must be going for coffee’ but my body seemed to be showing me something instead. It was quite bizarre. As I approached the coffee shop I saw a friend who I see quite regularly and of course assumed that I would be going to sit with her but as I got to around ten feet away my body spun around and walked in the opposite direction (thank God she didn’t see me otherwise she would have thought I’d gone mad) and as my body walked away a voice whispered ‘not any more’ and I was momentarily catapulted (mentally) into memories of the many occasions both me and my friend had sat there smoking, chatting and drinking coffee. I suddenly became aware that my body was almost pining for something – I know not what – and as I got further and further away from the coffee shop my body felt more and more relaxed but not only that – the heat in my feet and hands got immense.

Moments later I find myself (see what I did there?) in a Starbucks (not my usual haunt at all, it shocked me, I have issues with large corporations) surrounded by glorious non-smoking (I’ve just given up, again) students whose conversations were filling me with energy and newness.


I pulled my pad from my pocket and wrote a short story. The words flew from me effortlessly and with great clarity. I looked around the Starbucks and noticed that, unusually for the City, I was the only one sitting alone. And then I noticed something – I didn’t feel lonely. This is very, very unusual for me. I feel lonely most of the time, even when I’m with people. This day changed this. I felt newness, a letting go and incredible connectedness.

Now, the wonderful thing about Shamans is this – they rarely visit the same place twice, they always sit where they are guided to, they change their personalities so regularly that often they become physically unrecognisable from their last ‘incarnation’, they are completely unpredictable and, and – they move so quickly that they are often misunderstood as being ‘chaotic’.

Think about the weather.

Think about how the wind moves.

Think about the four directions

Imagine what it would be like to be truly connected to that kind of energy.

Aren’t we anyway?

When was the last time you truly went with the flow of your day?

When was the last time you suddenly got up from a dinner party because the wind was carrying you somewhere else?

I invite you now to do just that.

Listen to the wind that whispers in your ear ‘not any more’ and delight in the wonder of the newness that presents before you in replacement of the old outworn patterns that were boring you to death.

This is a New Year. Every day is a New Life.

The wonderful things about Shamans – is that we are wonderful things.

Much Love,

Matt xx

  1. Newness. It has a nice ring to it!

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