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How to Masturbate – Part 1 (Very Mature Content. Don’t Look!)

February 5, 2014

And of course… tell someone not to look… 😉

Hello and welcome dear friend, to the follow-up from the post ‘Masturbation’ and the beginning of a series of posts on the art of self-love. The posts may or may not be consecutive and I may or may not be posting unrelated entries in-between some of the entries on masturbation. Let’s just see how and where this takes us and besides: I like to keep you on your toes 🙂

Okay people, so how do you take care of yourself? And let me take this opportunity to mention that this post and the following posts are for everyone – if you are physically challenged, there are ways other than using your hands that you can pleasure yourself. You may also need another person there to assist you, in which case they will become your auxiliary hand. More on this later because we’re not quite ‘there’ yet…

There is a scene in ‘Sex and the City’ where Samantha announces that she spent two hours masturbating that afternoon. Miranda replies: “Two hours? Who has the time? I like to get in and get out!” Samantha responds: “Oh I’m all for a quickie but when it’s as good as today, I just go with it…” This is a fantastic piece of writing and, in my view, a great insight into going with the natural responses of your body. Masturbation does not have to be a quick ‘get in and get out’ affair, in fact, the more holistic (or I prefer the word: ‘Wholistic’ although I’m not sure it’s a word at all) a manner you make love to yourself, the longer the effects last. This has massive psychological, emotional, energetic and hormonal benefits.

Love making feels good. Generally speaking, the more ‘complete’ and nourishing a love making session feels (whether alone or with someone) – the longer the effects last. Ever noticed that? You will now.

Go and have a go right now. Take a nice hot bath, light some candles, get yourself your favourite massage oil from the bedside table (you do have massage oil in the bedside table, right?) and get yourself comfortable (but not too comfortable) and let us begin.. Oh, right, it’s masturbation, it’s kinda a D.I.Y thing, you don’t need me to be here for that…. I’ll leave you to it.

More Next Time,

Much Love,

Matt Chase xx

  1. “…hot bath, candles..” You are asking a lot here, Matt. 🙂 I can relate to the SATC exchange about time. Yes, I hear what you’re saying; I’m simpy trying to determine the time trade-off….

    • haha well….. would you be trying to determine the ‘trade off’ if you were making love to someone else? Or would you just think ‘f**k it’ and go with the flow? Unplug the phone…. take a deep breath… light some candles… and see what happens 🙂

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