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The Best Fun You Can Have (With Your Clothes On)

February 10, 2014

When I was seventeen I had a rather unpredictable girlfriend, I shall call her Gemini, after her unpredictable sun sign. Gemini and I had spent half an hour or so in my bedroom fully clothed. I guess you could say we were ‘heavy petting’ or ‘dry humping’. Although I’m not a great fan of the term. Anyway, during our ‘dry humping’ session (if I’m not a fan, why did I just use it again?) Gemini made a lot of noise. She was so noisy I got kinda freaked out, I was not the most experienced (but boy have I made up for that…) and thought for a moment that she was in some sort of great pain, like she had pulled something.

After the heat of the moment had passed, Gemini and I went into the living room for some food and a cup of tea. After a while I started kissing her and she pulled way. I can still remember that feeling in my groin, that incomplete ‘I have to ejaculate now!’ feeling that had been building since the heavy petting session in the bedroom.

            “I think I had my pleasure in the bedroom” Gemini said, her blond hair bedraggled around her perfect mouth, coyly grinning.

She looked embarrassed.

            “Did you… you know…” I stupidly pointed to her crotch, increasing her embarrassment.

            “Yes” Gemini confirmed.

I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t think it was possible (I was only seventeen). How can anyone cum with their clothes still on?

Fast forward to now: at forty years of age I have lost count of the amount of orgasms I have had without taking a stitch off. Not only can I experience that all elusive (to men) multiple orgasm, but I can often, at will, bring the sexual energy from the base of my spine, up into my heart and then spin it around my body in order for me to experience what looks like a fit – but feels like a dry orgasm. What happens here is that the climactic energy (the sexual energy generally also) is redirected from the genitals, up through the spine and around the entire body – this results in a ‘body orgasm’ a ‘dry orgasm’ an ‘energetic orgasm’ or ‘multi orgasm’ to name a few terms.

I also teach men how to achieve this.

Women can achieve multiple orgasm, or in the very least a body orgasm (which is slightly different) far more easily. That said – not every woman has experienced this and there are ways to enhance this experience and also to increase the probability of you achieving a full-throttle climax.


With So Much Love You Could Go Horny….

Matt 🙂

PS This is particularly of interest, I believe, to those who may find themselves physically challenged in some way. If there are areas of your body that have little or no feeling, including the genitals, then very often this sexual energy can be awakened and moved around the body in other ways. Climax is possible without touching the genitals at all. When you are especially practiced and open to this – climax with your mind is possible.

Just something to think about…

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  1. Your sign offs are becoming quite creative…

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