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How to Masturbate – Part 4 (Very Mature Content)

February 12, 2014

Now, you’ve set the scene, introduced yourself to your body and hopefully increased your body sensitivity and awakened some latent senses that you may have been unaware of. If you haven’t, go back a few steps and enjoy building this new house. A house with many levels, numerous rooms and an abundance of doors. Which one would you like to go through next?

Let’s Get Physical;

One door (and it is only one) into the house of ecstasy is known as ‘The Genitals’. As you have already learned, there are many other ways to sexually stimulate yourself, even without touching your genitalia at all. Have you ever climaxed without stimulating your penis/clitoris? It is possible believe me. But for now, bearing in mind we have already set the scene (and you have had that bubble bath haven’t you? And you did get that massage oil out to enjoy?), perhaps now would be a good time to go down… with your hands.

Try using just one hand, using your fingers as gentle feathers to begin with. Do not worry about ‘technique’ for now, just gently – gently – caress yourself down there and see how it feels. More importantly – notice where you can feel it. Do your lips (on your face) tingle as you play with yourself? Are your ears burning? Can you feel that tingle in your right foot?

This will show you just how connected your entire body is sexually. The genitals – on both men and women – are of course very important but it really does not have to begin and end there. For now, keep this as it is: do the ‘setting the scene’ and enjoy it: sink into your bed/sofa/chair/wheelchair etc and truly feel your immediate surroundings, including your body. Now, just in case you are physically challenged, here’s a tip or two:

If you cannot touch yourself with your hands (or if you don’t have arms/hands), try using a long cane (with a soft tip, such as a feather or piece of leather) and move this slowly and gently using your mouth. If you are dexterous with your feet, use your toes as fingers to to hold the cane or similar implement to caress yourself. Or…

Ask a friend or professional sex worker to take you through the steps (the setting the scene, the massage oil, the bubble bath etc) and really connect with your own body. You will already know that your entire body can be erogenous – use it. More on this later but for now – and this goes for everyone – just take yourself to the edge of climax (if you can climax, more on this later) and allow that sexual energy to consume your whole body.


Matt Chase 🙂

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