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An Important Note on Sexual Practices

February 13, 2014

Just a note in addition to the post footnotes and site disclaimer:

Whilst the sexual practices described in the series on How to Masturbate, Sexuality and Relationships and the forthcoming series on Prolonging Orgasm are, of course, primarily very enjoyable, please do note that playing with the sexual energy does involve awakening an aspect of your sexual energy and thus your energy system that you may not be used to.


The grounding methods that I have previously described in other posts will be very helpful in keeping these sexual practices fun and safe. Even if what I am saying to you with regard to ‘grounding’ and ‘energy’ is alien – just humour me and do the following exercise before and after your sexual exploration:

  1. Stamp your feet, imagining that you are sending ‘stuff’ you don’t need out into the ground on each stamp
  2. Slap your hands palm down on a cushion two to three times, again imagining that you are getting rid of ‘stuff’ on each slap
  3. Stand with your feet firmly on the floor, knees soft, body upright
  4. Imagine a chord pulling you upright from the centre of your head on the in-breath
  5. Visualise roots literally growing from the soles of your feet and going deep into the ground on each out-breath
  6. Stamp your feet again
  7. Begin the sexual practices
  8. Enjoy…

If you are physically challenged, an amputee etc:

  1. Do any of the above exercises that your body will allow and/or:
  2. Visualise the exercises above and/or
  3. Sit upright in your chair
  4. Imagine a chord pulling you skyward from the centre of your head on the in-breath
  5. On the out-breath visualise a grounding chord going from your perineum and down into the ground
  6. Begin the sexual practices (alone or with a friend/pa/professional sex worker doing the ‘hands-on’ aspects for you)
  7. Enjoy…

Once you incorporate any of the above exercises into your daily routine you will not only notice added benefits to your sexual practices and exploration but you will also see that this benefits other aspects of your life. These exercises can enable you to be more grounded in your day to day activities and thus the benefits can be…. life enhancing.

Until Next Time,

Matt xx

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