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Sexual Massage (Mature Content)

February 13, 2014

One of the many ways to sexual Nirvana is to receive a sexual massage. This erotic experience is often incorrectly called a ‘Tantric Massage’ which does not actually exist. The name was made up to make it sound more spiritual. Call it what you wish but personally I prefer the ‘it does what it says on the tin’ approach and call it a sexual massage because, er, that’s what it is!

Receiving a Sexual Massage:

I believe the most effective and enjoyable way to receive a sexual massage is by preparing yourself the same way you would when you are about to masturbate and/or make love (to yourself or to another): Set the Scene, Explore and Explore Some More. Then you can go to town.

A sexual massage can be delivered by your loved one, a one-night lover who is up for it or a professional practitioner in sexual massage. Personally I prefer to approach this in the same way I would masturbation – by not diving straight into the genitals. This enhances the wholistic aspects of the massage and, eventually, results in a longer lasting and more intense orgasm. A good, grounded and professional sexual massage therapist will know this – choose wisely and use your discernment.

The Problem With The Massage Industry:

Very few people have even thought about approaching a professional for a sexual massage. Part of the problem here is that many sexual massage practitioners can’t mention what it is they are providing because the mainstream advertising platforms they use will not allow it. Thus they have to hint, calling it ‘sensual’ or ‘undraped’ etc. This is not a great energy to be getting involved with, in my opinion, because already you are opening your energy system (and body) to dishonesty. This is why I also have an issue with ‘Tantric’ Massage Practitioners, because again it’s a dishonest (and believe me – they know it) approach to their work. Sometime ago I actually called a ‘Tantric’ Practitioner because I was convinced my view was caused by my prejudice, so I wanted to discuss this with a very well known ‘Tantric’ Practitioner. When I came off the phone I was sure that, yes I had a prejudice, but that also, it was quite correct in that the experienced ‘Tantric’ Practitioner I spoke to was blatantly deluded. Using terms such as: ‘There are many ways to achieve enlightenment, I choose Tantra’ and: ‘Tantra is about sacred sexuality’ and ‘of course this is what we call ‘Neo Tantra’’ And that was then he shot himself in the foot ‘this is what we call’ AKA – we made the name up.

Want to know about genuine Tantra? Look up Chogyam Trungpa and read his many books on the subject. Not for the faint of heart – this is hardcore spiritual development. You have been warned. But back to sexual massage…..

It’s very taboo in the industry that trains professional massage therapists (non-sexual) because the sexual aspects (and even if you are a non-sexual therapist, there are sexual aspects to your work) are completely overlooked from fear of ‘getting a bad name’. The problem with this is that non-sexual practitioners distance themselves from both their own and their client’s sexual energy which can cause a dissociation both energetically and emotionally.  I remember when I was training in non-sexual massage, a female student asked the tutor ‘What do we do if the client gets an erection?’ and the tutor, scarlet faced, snapped: ‘Just ignore it’. When the same occurred when I was working as a massage therapist, I did the opposite: “Don’t worry mate, it’s a natural response” I would say, then usually introduce humour: “And yeah, I know I’m hot!” which would not only diffuse the pent-up sexual energy (by using laughter as the release) but also gave the client permission – to be human. Ignore the occurrence – you have ignored their sexuality.

The flip side is experienced by sexual massage practitioners who overlook the therapeutic aspects – going straight for the genitals/sexual points and thus the client misses out on a good deep tissue massage – which, ironically, increases sexual sensitivity by its very nature (increasing blood supply to the skin, relaxing the nervous system etc).

In Conclusion:

Sexual massage is fantastic and a bona fide professional treatment (think – Treat-ment because you’re worth it). It is also a great way to explore your partner’s body and for them to explore yours. It has many physical, hormonal, psychological, sexual and emotional benefits. You could, if you were so inclined, say that it potentially has spiritual benefits in that it brings two souls together in intimacy and love. Personally, I don’t mess with that, I just work as honestly as I can, providing the best service possible and having one hell of a good time in the process…

More on this soon,

Enjoy Your Body,

Matt xx

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