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Let’s Talk About Sex (Again)

February 16, 2014

Prior to the recent series on Sex, Relationships and Masturbation, the last time we talked about sex on this blog, was way way way back in  April 2013 and the response was pretty good as responses go and I remember being surprised at the comments (as in – that post had more comments than my blog had ever received) and then amused/disappointed in equal proportions when several of those commentators emailed me privately to ask me to remove their comments because they had had second thoughts. They felt exposed. This I understood but I couldn’t help but wonder why this felt like more of an exposure than, say, commenting on fear, sensitivity, loss or positive thinking – all issues I have discussed here on Tales of the Unexpected.

Hmmm: and then I stopped posting about sex. That was the first and, for quite some time, the last. Had I unconsciously plugged myself into the hesitance? Did I also share those feelings of being exposed? Too exposed?

Do you know – I think I did. Looking back now I think I feared that I would lose followers, be judged, dismissed and maybe I also thought talking about sex would open the floodgates to a sea of negativity and shame.

Can you see what I am doing here?

What I have done here is looked at my own reaction to other people’s reactions. In doing this – I have exposed not only my own process but also the healing of that process – in letting it out I have enabled myself to talk about a subject we all often avoid. A subject that does – consciously or unconsciously – carry a great deal of shame.


This is absolutely ridiculous.

Sex, sexuality, intimacy, love, lust, hedonism, kink, fetish #nameyourpleasurehere# are all doorways into the same beautiful home where shame has no place. We all have a desire to be with someone. Even those who identify as asexual have often expressed a need to be with another human being. This need may not be understood by the sexual, but the asexual have many times tried to describe how that pining to share their life with someone feels to them.

How does it feel to you?

What does sex and sexuality mean to you?

How does sex, love and pleasure play a part in your life?

Me – I can’t keep my hands off it. I pleasure myself at every opportunity I get. Now when I say ‘it’ you of course think I am referring to my man downstairs. Yes, in part. Actually, it’s more than that. Sex is for me a wholistic, mindful and connected experience. I have sexual interactions with so many people in my daily activities. It depends on your definition of sex.

I want to open the floodgates. The floodgates in question are not about negativity, they are about abundance. An abundance of energy that can only be created after a build-up of fluid – would you like to contribute? You are all welcome here.

Think about a dam. Imagine the walls of water behind that dam. They have been pushed up against that wall of concrete for far too long.

And as a fellow blogger said in ‘Sexuality and the Great British Public’….

‘Let it rip’….

I am about to let rip, how about you?

Best Wishes,

Matt Chase 🙂

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