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How to Make Longer Lasting Orgasms Pt1 (Men)

February 17, 2014

And here’s one I made earlier…

Okay so this further ‘How to’ series is a connected follow-on to the ‘How to Masturbate’ series with more specific information in response to private emails and questions I have received. The How to Masturbate series will continue soon, by the way.

Now: how long do your orgasms last? More importantly, how long do you want them to last?

This is particularly of relevance to men, simply because women’s bodies (usually) are geared up for longer lasting pleasure than men’s bodies. Women’s bodies are also more easily wired for multiple/body orgasms than men’s bodies. There are differing theories on this that I won’t go into here. What I will go into here is this very important fact: MEN CAN HAVE MULTIPLE ORGASMS TOO – YES THEY CAN.

Now ladies, this post isn’t specifically for men so do please stick around and please note that most if not all of my posts are for both genders (this post can help you to understand your male partners, if you are straight or bisexual. It can also be helpful to know anyway, because there is always a cross-over between the sexes). If you happen to be transgendered please do get in touch and let me know if my posts are not relevant to you – give me some tips – and I will be sure to include information that takes your needs into account. Now…. let us look at how to make that orgasm last a lifetime…

…or longer than a minute at least.


Firstly it would be helpful to follow my How to Masturbate tips to get you in the mood and out of your genitals (this encourages a more wholistic orgasm). Then you can prepare your energy system and body by doing the following:

Play with yourself until erect. Stimulate your nipples with a wet finger, do the same with your ears – yes, ears – and with your other hand maintain contact with your genitals. This contact can be light or a little harder, make sure to include your balls, the groin, base of penis and of course the glans of the penis. Experiment between lighter strokes of the shaft to full-on ‘wanking’. Notice the difference in the rest of your body when you do this.

Experiment with this and this alone for ten to fifteen minutes.

Now: take your hand or hands off your genitals completely and concentrate solely on your nipples/ears/inner elbows/armpits/sternum/mouth/earlobes/throat chakra (soft spot between collar bones) and stroke yourself in a flowing up and down motion along your chest and torso.

Experiment with this and this alone for ten or so minutes.

By now you should be pretty hot under the collar and your heart rate racing. You will now feel the urge to ejaculate. Please don’t.

This is where we harness that sexual energy and this is also where, if you’re new to this, you may struggle.

Masturbate until you get a full strength erection (if you don’t have one already, if you do, do nothing until the next step).

Next Step: now squeeze your perineum muscle (the area slap bang between your arse and balls) and maintain that tautness. This will feel like you are stopping yourself peeing. If you cannot isolate the perineum at this point – pull the lot up (that is: squeeze the ass muscle, perineum, groin) until you are more adept at identifying the specific muscle.

Whilst squeezing the muscle, hold your entire hand around your erect penis to add a little stimulation (as if wanking but don’t move your hand, squeeze instead). This should feel pretty good. The aim here is to ‘lock in’ the sexual energy rather than release it. At this point most men will want to finish the job. That is up to you but if you really want that elusive male multiple orgasm…..

Release your hands but maintain the squeeze in the perineum. Lie back on your bed or chair – it doesn’t matter which – and again start to stimulate your nipples, ears etc, just for a few minutes.

Now: relax everything. Take a deep cleansing breath and make a ‘huh’ noise on your exhalation (if you are a gym goer/weight lifter, exhale as if lifting free weights).

Place the tip of your tongue on your top palette, just behind the front teeth and relax your jaw.

Stamp your feet. It may sound odd but go with it. If you feel a giggle coming up – go with it. If you feel angry – go with it. If you want to wank again – think twice and try the stamping again.

Ideally what you will do now is abstain from masturbation for three days. When you do masturbate (or have sex, but really it is best to do it alone at first) try approaching it as above and really make a meal of it.

I don’t want you to spend the next few days feeling frustrated and light headed (this can happen) so if you really, really do need to ejaculate then go ahead. Just note that working in this way is accumulative and each time you do this – whether you decide to ejaculate or not – your body is learning how to ‘hold fast’ that sexual energy (which is why it is ideal to not ejaculate at all, but you’re human so don’t beat yourself up).

Allow me to give you a practical example in order to spur you on….

True Story:

A client of mine emailed me a week following receiving one of my Sexual Massages to say that he was having multiple orgasms on trains and buses since the massage. This is relatively common for women, not men.

What had happened?

During the massage he had been stimulated just as the above technique describes. When his ears were touched, his feet began twitching and vibrating. As I tapped on his throat chakra, he spontaneously let out a shriek and his entire body twitched and convulsed until he reached orgasm which lasted several minutes without ejaculation (a body orgasm or ‘dry orgasm’).

What happened here and the reason for the gent’s continued sensitivity to vibration (which settled down after a while and became more manageable) was simply that he had paid attention to the wholistic nature of his body as a sexual organ. Yes – I know what I’m doing with sexual energy and so could help him to ‘switch on’ the power, but this client was particularly sensitive (I could have done the same with a less sensitive client and nothing would have happened) so as soon as the opportunity arose – BANG! Happy days…

How long have you been waiting for your body to say BANG to you?

Maybe now is the time to treat yourself to that wholistic orgasm and maybe the above techniques can help you to achieve that.

Go forth and enjoy yourself….

Matt Chase 🙂

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