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How to Make Longer Lasting Orgasms Pt2 (Men)

February 18, 2014

So in addition to what you have already learned, here are a few more practical tips to help you to last longer. These tips are more widely known and often used by sex therapists to help guys manage premature ejaculation. I have chosen to save these until now because whilst very helpful and effective for practical use – used alone they are not the most effective techniques in encouraging that multiple orgasm.

Lasting Longer Starts at Home:

It also starts alone: I advise this technique always be experimented with alone first, especially if you are using it to combat premature ejaculation which is often associated with ‘exposure’ and confidence issues.

Thus – gaining confidence on your own is a GREAT way to beat this (or just a great way to teach your body to last longer, always a welcome bonus).

Step 1:

First take your time to introduce yourself to your body. Yes this sounds incredibly odd but please humour me on this one – introduce yourself to yourself as you would introduce yourself to a lover. IE: take it easy with yourself, dim the lights, make yourself a nice meal, make sure you’ve got clean sheets on the bed etc.

Follow my ‘How to Masturbate’ series for tips on the above before going any further.

Now: get naked as slowly and sensually as you like. It’s usually best to lie down on the bed and make yourself as comfortable as possible. Take nice deep breaths and remind yourself that this is a relaxing activity.

Step 2:

Masturbate in order to get an erection. Stop as soon as you are hard and squeeze the end of the penis as so:

Hold your two fingers to the right of the glans, with your thumb on top of the penis just below the ridge. Squeeze firmly but not too hard.


Step 3:

Continue to masturbate at intervals. Stop way way before you feel the need to cum and hold the penis as above.

I would suggest that you make this exercise last at least five minutes on the first day. Then you can extend it by a few minutes each time you do it. You may choose to cum or not to cum…

…that, is the question…

More on this tomorrow,

Matt xx

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