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How to Make Longer Lasting Orgasms Pt3 (Men)

February 19, 2014

Another way to help you to last longer, again a more practical and ‘mechanical’ way to prolong sex/masturbation and to delay ejaculation, is to use the technique we talked about in Part1 but in a slightly different way:

The next time you go for a pee, stop yourself mid-stream by squeezing the perineum muscle. Notice how this feels and also how it affects the penis (it will move slightly and shrink back). Understand how you are controlling this.

After you have done this: the next time you masturbate do the same thing, stop wanking, pull the muscle up and notice how your penis moves and behaves in response to you controlling it.

Now you can leave the above exercise as it is (and if you are currently experiencing premature ejaculation, I would recommend that you do leave it at that – see where the above exercise can help you) or you can evolve it into the reason you came here in the first place:

Keep squeezing that muscle and touching your penis, keeping it erect with stimulation. With your other hand – place your thumb at the base of your penis whilst cupping your balls with the four fingers – gently. Tap the glans softly with the hand that is stimulating. Feel that energy build up in your genitals and your groin.

Keep squeezing the muscle in a pumping motion or maintain the tautness, either is fine.

Keeping your hands on your genitals, relax back and lie down (if you are not already). Exhale sharply and groan if you feel the need.

Continue squeezing the muscle and stimulating your genitals.

You may notice a tingling starting at the top of your head in the centre.

Continue to relax, groan and allow that heat to rise up your body from the genitals (and the root chakra, if you know about such things. If not – who cares anyway) and then very very slowly, release the genitals and allow your hands to naturally wonder over your body to wherever they want to be.

Enjoy yourself and do whatever you need right now.

Until Next Time and with Multiple Orgasms,

Matt 🙂

NB: Whenever you have finished – any of the practices/exercise mentioned – it is important to ground yourself. By this I mean that the energy you are working with is very powerful and as such needs to be ‘rooted’ down into the earth. Simply put – when we are stressed and too busy we can run around like headless chickens and can literally feel light headed. To prevent this: Stamp your feet in a ‘heavy’ motion as if lead weights are attached to them. Visualise roots literally growing from the soles of your feet and deep into the earth and/or stand with your back against a tree – get out in nature etc. If this usually isn’t your thing – PLEASE do humour me on this one, it will enhance your practice and keep it safely managed for you. Enjoy…

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